Equipment & Uniforms

Baseball bat, Baseball, Baseball Helmet and Catchers Glove on a bench.

The league supplies all team equipment necessary to play the game – bases, balls, helmets, bats, batting tee (tee-ball) and catcher’s gear (coach-pitch and older). WYBSL also provides each player with a team shirt and cap or visor, which the player may keep. Optional items, such as heart protectors or special masks, are not required and, if chosen, are the family’s responsibility.

CATCHER CHEST PROTECTORS – The WYBSL will provide improved equipment in Blue & Black Hat baseball leagues for protection against commotio cardis (impact-related cardiac arrest). All chest protectors (e.g. player owned) used in these two leagues must meet NOCSAE standards as included in NFHS rules.

GLOVES – we suggest a generic infielder or outfielder glove be your first purchase. Most importantly, make sure it is the right size for your player! In older leagues, pitcher’s gloves cannot include white or gray. Softball gloves cannot be gray, white or optic (neon) in color.

For our Tee-Ball and Coach-Pitch leagues, gym shoes or baseball/ softball molded plastic cleats are fine. As players grow, we recommend baseball/softball shoes. Also, metal spikes are not allowed except in the Blue & Black Hat Baseball leagues (see important note below).

We suggest strongly that parents consider that all boys wear cups for protection as they grow in the program. Catchers at Green Hat and older levels must wear one.

AWARDS – All Tee-Ball and Coach-Pitch players receive a trophy at the end of the season. In all leagues, trophies are awarded to league champions and runners-up, tournament champions and runners-up.


One of the most distressing things that a parent or player can be told is that a personal bat can’t be used because it is “illegal” – especially after it was just purchased last year! In order to avoid costly mistakes, here are some simple guidelines (generally for safety):

1. In ALL softball leagues, bats must be factory marked with the ASA 2004 and USSSA logos as shown below:

2. In Tee-Ball, bats must be factory-marked “USABaseball” or “Tee-Ball” or a softball bat with ASA 2004 and USSSA logos as shown above. Tee-Ball only bats are only legal for play in the Tee-Ball league.

3. In Coach-Pitch, Green Hat and Red Hat baseball, the bats must be factory-marked “USABaseball”.

4. In Blue Hat baseball, bats must have a BBCOR -3 or USABaseball -5 marking, which must be part of the manufacturer of the bat (see below).

5. In Black Hat baseball, bats must have a BBCOR -3 marking, which must be part of the manufacture of the bat:

6. Wood bats shall not exceed 2 3/4” and be 36” or less in length

And remember, the WYBSL provides each team with non-wood bats that meet the above requirements!

Highlands Park Pitching Mounds

Metal cleats are PROHIBITED for use on the portable pitching mounds at Highlands Park in the Blue and Black Hat Baseball leagues.  Pitchers must wear molded, rubber cleats.

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