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Sportsmanship in the WYBSL

We expect excellent sportsmanship in our leagues – and work hard to make sure it happens.  The WYBSL is blessed that there are very few incidents of negative conduct each year.

Sportsmanship has a lot of parts – attitude, intensity, commitment and the way we interact with each other.  And good sportsmanship is the responsibility of all of us – especially the examples set by coaches and parents.

We need everyone’s help to make sure that the WYBSL experience is a great one for all players.  And we can’t handle such situations if we don’t know about them.  Please don’t wait – hoping that things will get better.

If you observe negative conduct, excessive “intensity” or willful violation of the rules on the part of anyone – speak to your coach or, if appropriate, call your Program Director or the WYBSL answering service (614/523-6101) immediately. The league will review the basis of your concern in a confidential manner and, if warranted, deal with such conduct fairly and swiftly.  Below is the official WYBSL CODE OF CONDUCT.

Conduct Rules

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated in the league.  Team coaches are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their players and fans.

A coach, player or fan can be ejected from a game and/or removed from the playing field area by order of an umpire, General Manager, Commissioner or Program Director if they violate a league rule of conduct, as follows:

  1. In a game, no coach may utilize any player(s) not currently assigned to his/her team roster by the League. Violation of this rule will result in automatic permanent suspension of the coach(es) involved.
  2. No coach, player or fan shall ever engage in a physical altercation with any player, umpire, coach or fan.
  3. No coach, player or fan shall intentionally violate or refuse to follow any league or game rules.
  4. No coach, player, umpire or fan shall come to the playing fi eld under the infl uence of alcohol or an illegal drug; and no coach, player or umpire shall use tobacco products at the playing fi eld during a game or practice.
  5. No coach, player or fan shall engage in grossly unsportsmanlike conduct, including, but not limited to, throwing equipment, use of profanity, arguing with an umpire over a call or directing remarks to a player, umpire, coach or fan which are of a degrading or distracting nature.
  6. Only the Head Coach, or his/her designee in the Head Coach’s absence, may leave his/her designated area to dispute a judgment call by an umpire. This infraction may be penalized by either restricting to the dugout for the remainder of the game or ejecting the Head Coach and/or the offending coach.
  7. After each game, in the practice of good sportsmanship, all coaches and players shall form two opposing lines and proceed through a traditional, orderly “handshake line”. No coach or player shall avoid participation in this line or exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct in the line.
  8. No coach, player, parent or fan shall, at any time, threaten, intimidate, attempt to intimidate, harm or attempt to harm, or disparage any umpire, player, coach, WYBSL official or fan. Any person who violates this rule may immediately be banned from all WYBSL sites and activities for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Trustees, up to and including a permanent ban. This rule shall be applied regardless of where and when the offending conduct takes place.  If a coach, player or fan is ejected from a game and/or removed from the playing field area for conduct as described above (or in the case of 7. above, does not participate as described), the person shall provide a written statement describing his/her version of the events and/or other explanation to the General Manager within twenty-four hours of the incident, and may not attend or participate in any practice or game until doing so.

The General Manager and Commissioner or Program Director shall review the statement and gather any other information from other parties that they deem necessary to determine if a  further penalty should be assessed. Such further penalty, if any, shall be assessed before the team’s next scheduled game.

Any coach who violates the above guidelines may be immediately removed from his/her position by his/her Commissioner or Program Director. In the event of such an occurrence, each coach would be provided with the opportunity to appear before the Board of Trustees at its next scheduled meeting in order to describe for the Board his/her version of the events which may exist for reinstating the coach.

WYBSL, JBBL, JGSL staff, managers, coaches and umpires are expected to enforce this policy at all times.

Social Media Responsibility

The WYBSL uses social media platforms primarily to communicate league updates in a timely and consistent fashion. It is also a conduit for parents and participants to ask questions and share feedback with the league.

While these platforms are an effective means to communicate, they can also be used in negative ways. Please know that the WYBSL’s conduct and sportsmanship policies also pertain to the use of social media.

Lastly, please remember we are all members of the same community participating in a recreational program for our young people. If you have significant concerns with the actions of individuals or league operations, please email us and we’ll be happy to assist!

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